Sea greens

Seagreens in Weight Management

Seagreens in Weight Management An increasing awareness from consumers for health and wellbeing, a UK government obesity strategy, and some shocking reports of food poverty in the UK being exacerbated by lockdown all point to a need for increasing change in the daily diet. Seagreens® organic, dried and milled nutritious food seaweed is the ideal …

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The Importance of Seagreens® for Vegans and Vegetarians

        More people are consuming meat-free diets than ever, and although this trend may be a positive shift for society regarding a reduction in carbon emissions, scientists are warning that certain dietary deficiencies such as iodine, may be of consequence[1]. Seagreens is a certified organic source of natural iodine which has been …

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Seagreens® and the Gut Microbiome

In recent years the gut microbiome has been found to have critical importance to our overall wellbeing. This has increased both consumer and professional interest in effective prebiotics which can positively alter and support the microbiome. Seagreens® native wild Wrack seaweed, sustainably harvested in the British Isles and Nordic region, is one of these prebiotics. …

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