Ian Dickson
Ian Dickson

We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to accept Ian Dickson’s ‘10 Key Strategies for Business Mastery’ as a gift from The Nutrition Network.

Whether you choose to run a nutrition business or a business selling widgets, fundamental business truths always apply.

In this 70 minute presentation, award winning Business Performance Coach Ian Dickson takes us through a no nonsense guide to having a business that serves both you and your community.  Ian shares in simple ways how to get the basics sorted, cutting through the confusion and leaving you with a clear understanding of how to win in business.

What Will I  Learn?

These are just a few of the things you will learn…

  • The One ESSENTIAL Ingredient that could mean the difference between success and failure
  • Your 101% Profit Model…understand what it costs to generate revenue so you can do the job you love AND make a living
  • Money Mastery…let money become your friend and partner
  • Time Mastery …you only have 86,400 seconds to make a difference. Learn how to make every second count
  • Delivery Mastery…understand your breakeven point, so you don’t roll backwards
  • Creating  Your Unique Selling Point…KNOW how you are different and be a winner
  • How to Demonstrate Your Guarantee and commitment and win!
  • The Fool Proof Profit Model…your five point structure that ensures the clients KEEP coming back
  • Sat Navs for Business…your guiding stars to keep you on track
  • How to Build a Marketing Machine…simple marketing strategies to get you started!
  • Putting a Plan Together…GET Started TODAY on putting everything into ACTION

Who Is Ian Dickson?

Ian is one of a number of business and clinical experts who share their knowledge with members of the Nutrition Network.

As a business performance coach and speaker Ian has coached and mentored dozens of businesses throughout the UK. In the last five years he has delivered over 100 professional Business Seminars and Motivational Speeches.

Ian feels that being in a position to help others and sharing information that will help them to become better at what they do is a genuine privilege. He is passionate about helping and supporting others to achieve their goals.

How Do I Access This Training?

To download the MP3 recording and handouts for this training simply right click on the images or links below and save the zip files to your computer.

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