Brain & Mental Health

Brain Health and Mental Wellness

By Annali Court | 11/09/2023
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Brain Health and Mental Wellness At The Vitality Project our mission is to teach people the importance of brain health. It is as a key factor towards our mental wellbeing , vitality and freedom. Our research told us that people have a good understanding of mental wellbeing. However, their knowledge of brain health was minimal at best. Your brain is the most important part of your body, continually working even […]


The Vitality Project: Voluntastrols

By Annali Court | 15/08/2023

The Vitality Project: Voluntastrols Our Voluntastrols food supplement is a unique formula from botanical plant extracts, giving you what mother nature intended. Our product supports brain health, and the feeling of vitality and freedom from mental wellness, it also supports recovery from head injuries, post covid, and cognitive decline. For those of you who like the details, here’s how we do it. We specifically extract at a molecular level, using […]

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