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Herrens Mark: Exploring Bitter Compounds: Natural Health from Nature’s Treasure Trove

By Annali Court | 18/04/2024
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Exploring Bitter Compounds: Natural Health from Nature’s Treasure Trove Article by Herrens Mark What are Bitter Compounds? Bitter compounds are a type of chemical compounds that impart the characteristic bitter taste to foods. While some people may find bitterness unpleasant, it plays an important role in our diet and health. In fact, research has shown that bitter compounds can have a range of positive effects on the body, including stimulating […]


BANT – NEW Fact Sheet on Fatty Liver & Diabetes

By Annali Court | 13/06/2022
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BANT – NEW Fact Sheet on Fatty Liver & Diabetes   Diabetes week 13-19th June and BANT has launched a new Metabolic Fact Sheet on Fatty Liver & Diabetes and a series of new Food Guides on Carbohydrates, Proteins, Healthy Fats & Wholegrains as part of our continued Food for your Health campaign. There are currently 14 Free Fact Sheets and 38 Food & Lifestyle guides all available for free […]


Effectively detoxify mercury, histamine and ammonium using the right zeolite

By Toxaprevent Toxaprevent | 27/02/2017

Even with a perfectly tailored diet that delivers the right nutrients in the optimal doses, the human body is continuously overburdened with environmental toxins as well as those created inside the body. Consequently, the body needs help to eliminate toxic substances as its’ own detoxification system is pushed to the limit. Heavy metals Environmental toxins such as lead, mercury, aluminium and other heavy metals affect everyone through their daily lives. […]


How to promote liver wellbeing

By Tristan Allen | 05/10/2016

Your liver sits behind your lower ribs on your right hand side. As the liver is the main organ to process food and chemicals, it’s the one which suffers most with abuse. When I say abuse I don’t necessarily mean drugs or alcohol, it can just be from simply over eating which causes a fatty liver. Christmas binges and dry January may be long behind us, but it’s still important […]

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