Fluoridated Water – Friend or Foe

By Annali Court | 14/05/2022
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Fluoridated Water – Friend or Foe One of current hot topics when it comes to our public water supply is the Government’s intention to fluoridate all the UK water supply. Currently about 25% of the water supply has fluoride added, primarily in West Midlands and North East England.  The fluoride debate has ebbed and flowed over the last 4 or 5 decades since it was first added to the public […]


Nutrients and food to support health during EMR exposure

By Brian Hoyer | 07/02/2017
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  There are foods and supplements you can take to support you during radiation exposure We live in a world that has progressed rapidly in just 150 years.  Our food has fundamentally changed.  It has been industrialized, sprayed with pesticides, and processed in ways like never before.  It is also being genetically modified to contain toxins that our bodies simply don’t recognize as food. In addition to the changes in […]

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