The Natural Dispensary: Sourdough Wheat Free Bread Now Available!

The Natural Dispensary: Sourdough Wheat Free Bread Now Available!


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Sourdough Wheat Free Bread (Gluten Free)

 We are pleased to announce that our Sourdough Wheat Free Bread is now available on our website!

Initially, the Sunshine Organic Bakery will be producing the bread on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week for you to receive it the next day. Do please place your order early on the day to ensure it is produced specially for you.

It has taken a while to finalise our system to accommodate for fresh products, hence the delay in following up.

However, we can only say it has been a huge success with our gluten free customers and we believe it is worth the wait.

The bread keeps well fresh or refrigerated, its real value, however, is in its nutritional content.

For your perusal here are the ingredients in descending order by quantity:

Rice Sourdough Culture*, Brown Rice Flour*, Buckwheat Flour*, Cassava Flour*, Ground Psyllium Husks 99%*, Ground Coriander Seed*, Unrefined Salt, Coconut Sugar*, Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Sunflower Seed*.

*Organic ingredients

Lastly, we do hope you will give it a try. We feel sure you will enjoy the experience.

Kind regards,

The Natural Dispensary.

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