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09 Feb 2024 FEATURE: Why the WHO’s pandemic plan transgresses medical ethics

As negotiations over the International Health Regulations and ‘pandemic treaty’ reach fever pitch, ANH’s Rob Verkerk takes a sombre look at why the plan is so controversial, why it transgresses medical ethics principles and fundamental rights, and why its detractors get labelled conspiracy theorists

09 Feb 2024


The scourge of microplastics

The silent breakdown of the ‘Plasticene’ age products pose a deadly threat to the health of the environment and all that live with it

09 Feb 2024 Speaking Naturally with holistic dentist Dr Elmar Jung

Robert Verkerk PhD sits down with Dr Elmar Jung to bust some common myths around dental health and how we care for our teeth

25 Jan 2024


The Great Deception: Censorship and our search for ‘truth’

Exploring the impact of scientific and medical censorship and the acute need for transparency

25 Jan 2024 The oralome: your secret to good health

Why your oral microbiome deserves to be nurtured not wiped out to reduce the risk of a multitude of conditions from Alzheimer’s disease to cancer.

12 Jan 2024 FEATURE: Are humans really dying more quickly than expected?

ANH founder Rob Verkerk reviews excess mortality data and ponders over possible explanations.

12 Jan 2024 Want a quick fix for weight loss this January?

In-house ANH nutrition practitioners, Meleni Aldridge and Melissa Smith, take you on a journey through the options, from gastric bands to semaglutide injections, then showing you why natural approaches targeting metabolic flexibility are best.


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