Alliance for Natural Health – November News Round-Up

Alliance for Natural Health – November News Round-Up


Alzheimer’s disease: cheap nutrients outperform latest drug

Acclaimed nutritionist Patrick Holford speaks to ANH Founder Rob Verkerk PhD about the Food for the Brain Foundation’s launch of the ‘Alzheimer’s is Preventable’ campaign


Miracle molecules that reverse biological age

Find out why peptide bioregulators may be the most potent and effective anti-ageing and degenerative disease prevention interventions yet discovered


Celebrate, don’t medicalise, menopause!

Should women be helped to embrace, rather than be made to fear, this natural life stage?


From cancelled Prime Ministers to cancelled babies

Check out Rob Verkerk’s latest Substack: Rob explains that cancel culture has permeated medical and scientific early warning systems that are revealing disturbing findings about C19 shots


UK MPs gaslight covid vax injured following petition

When politics meets science in an era of multimedia censorship and propaganda, those most needing support may become the most neglected


UK Parliamentary meeting for covid vax injured gets derailed

The inaugural meeting of Westminster’s All Party Parliamentary Group on covid vax damage failed to give the vaccine injured sufficient hearing before concerned politicians


Feature: The narrative around the safety of covid shots is cracking

As the mainstream increasingly accepts that covid shots are inherently unsafe, Rob Verkerk makes a case for legal challenge


Vitamin D — an evolutionary tale for application

While today is ‘World vitamin D day’ – we say every day should be a vitamin D day!


Feature: From YouTube to WHO-Tube

Why we must win the fight for independence from the medico-political complex


The double-edge sword of stress

Finding balance in a stressful world isn’t easy – but here are some ways to make it easier


Farm-free food and ferming: are these the only options for planetary health?

Guest feature on how we create nature-based food cultures and farming for whole health


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