Try a NutriVital Practitioner Account!

Try a NutriVital Practitioner Account!

A Practitioner Account with NutriVital Supplements gives you a 35% discount on retail prices of the NutriVital supplements, our new Liposomal range, Herbal blends, and Homeopathies, as well as the Chris James Mind Body range.

The NutriVital Range was developed over the course of 20 years by practitioners in clinic with the assistance of expert consultants, the focus of the NutriVital range is on clinical effectiveness and purity.

Each product comes with the NutriVital Promise – Highest Quality, High Absorption, Free from Additives, Vegan (except for Krill Oil and Vitamin D3 soft gels), and Hypoallergenic. Where you would usually find excipients, fillers, and binders, we only use stone-ground brown rice flour – if required. That is why the NutriVital range is the choice of hundreds of practitioners.

Our range of NutriVital Supplements covers the essentials, such as an excellent Multi-Vitamin & Mineral, Acidophilus Complex, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids, Vitamin D3, Enzyme Complex, Trace Minerals; as well as carefully selected more exotic supplements such as: Organic Spirulina and Chlorella, Yucca, our powerful antioxidant blend Super Antiox, our anti-fungal Vitalyze, the alkalising greens blend Daily Greens, and Supertrace – a rich mineral supplement from the Great Salt Lakes of Utah.

We also have a busy schedule of carefully selected and developed products, including our eco-friendly Antarctic Krill Oil, a high concentration ionic Magnesium Oil Spray and Active Plus – a comprehensive nutritional and antioxidant powder mix.

We offer 3 Delivery routes, and our more popular option is where you order, and we deliver to your client. With this approach, you can keep your margin and hold no stock. By billing your client upfront and paying using your credit card, you can maintain liquidity while eliminating admin costs related to product costs. Not only that, you will continue to receive the full 35% discount on each order. You can order by 2pm and expect next day delivery, via Royal Mail first class, or free shipping on orders over £50.

We would love for you to try us out.
And we welcome all CNM Students to open accounts with us.

Simply click HERE and follow the prompts to open a Practitioner account with us. We look forward to working with you!

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