Why diets are bad for our health

Here at the Nutrition Coach we don’t do diets, for the simple reason that for the vast amount of the population they just don’t work & could actually be detrimental to your health. We all know the drill – you discover the new fad that everyone is raving about, you buy the book or swot […] Read more »

Using NLP to master your “Thinner Game”

I would like to share with you some useful information which will be practical and great for helping your clients and patients. I hope that I will give you some insight into how you can help your clients on a deeper level, which will help create a deeper relationship between you, the nutritionist, and your […] Read more »

Celebrating with Food

There’s certainly been a lot of celebration in the air lately what with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic Games and the fast approaching Paralympics. It’s got me thinking about how people relate to foods in celebratory situations. Something that I see in clinic time and time again is the sense that a celebration where […] Read more »