Hypothyroidism – A bigger problem than we think?

Currently 5-10% of the population is diagnosed with hypothyroidism, however some experts estimate that between 25-40% of the adult population has suboptimal thyroid function. Thyroid hormones regulate the activity of mitochondria, the energy powerhouses, in every single cell in the body, therefore they have an effect on virtually all of our bodily functions. So when […] Read more »

The Adrenals & The Thyroid – Which to Treat First?

This article was originally published in the autumn edition of ‘Only Natural’, the Newsletter of The Natural Dispensary, and is republished with permission This is a common question faced by practitioners in daily practice. “Identify the most important imbalance in the patient and focus on that”. “Always support the patient’s adrenal function, because the adrenals […] Read more »