Allergies Unravelled: Clinical Insights & Complex Case Studies

Are you missing something in your hard to treat allergy and sinus patients? With an increasing prevalence of unresponsive and chronic cases presenting in clinic, is it time we reconsidered current treatment approaches and adapt to emerging clinical trends? I’ll be sharing clinical insights and approaches of going “beyond” the presenting symptoms of an illness […] Read more »

Body pH Balance – Why is it important for Clients and Practitioners?

Over the last few years there has been a growing awareness in the natural health sector of the importance of proper body acid alkaline balance. The conventional view has been that the body’s buffer systems will always keep body pH within balance. However research is showing that modern living is putting our body’s buffer systems […] Read more »

How you can easily add Kinesiology into your clinic to get regular clients

Are you a nutritionist who Loves your career but finds it difficult to find new clients all the time? Is ticking along okay but now really desires a sustainable business? Wonders how to be unique amongst other nutritional therapists? Would you like to Feel secure in having regular clients who visit you every month? Be […] Read more »

Olive Leaf Extract

This article was written by Byron J Richards and originally published on Olive leaf extract is an antioxidant nutrient with potent immune boosting activity. It has also gained notoriety for its ability to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and even help gout. A new study shows that olive leaf extract₁ also provides a high level […] Read more »

The Adrenals & The Thyroid – Which to Treat First?

This article was originally published in the autumn edition of ‘Only Natural’, the Newsletter of The Natural Dispensary, and is republished with permission This is a common question faced by practitioners in daily practice. “Identify the most important imbalance in the patient and focus on that”. “Always support the patient’s adrenal function, because the adrenals […] Read more »

Homeopathy for Nutritionists – 2nd instalment

Heard about homeopathy, but don’t really understand it? This short article will provide further introduction to the incredible 200-year-old therapy called homeopathy. It should hopefully dispel some myths and inspire you to try some remedies yourself and to know when it may be appropriate to refer your clients to a homeopath. In a paragraph, homeopathy […] Read more »