Effectively detoxify mercury, histamine and ammonium using the right zeolite

Even with a perfectly tailored diet that delivers the right nutrients in the optimal doses, the human body is continuously overburdened with environmental toxins as well as those created inside the body. Consequently, the body needs help to eliminate toxic substances as its’ own detoxification system is pushed to the limit.

Heavy metals

Environmental toxins such as lead, mercury, aluminium and other heavy metals affect everyone through their daily lives. They enter the body in a variety of ways from the polluted air we breathe, tainted foods within our diet, and by being absorbed through our skin. Once inside, the body will try to eliminate them using the liver and kidneys. Read more »

Electro magnetic radiation – how are you affected?

Does your head or ear ever feel hot when you talk on your mobile or cordless (DECT) phone?  Thermal heating from these types of phones is an accepted fact and there is significant scientific debate about the long term effect of this heating.

But it is not just mobiles or indeed talking on mobiles that concerns scientists.  Our wireless world is expanding rapidly and the electro-magnetic (EMFs) emission from technology is 100 million times higher than it was 50 years ago.  We are all immersed in ‘electro-pollution’ and awareness of the potential negative long-term effects of this electro-pollution is increasing.  Children are deemed to be more vulnerable. Read more »

Triple Helix Beta Glucan from Shiitake

Lentinan and shiitake mycelium

The shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes) is the second most popular edible mushroom in the world. The mushroom and its components have been studied intensely for a long time with records going back over 3000 years. It has been shown that a beta glucan cell wall constituent extracted from fruiting bodies or the mycelium of the Shiitake mushroom has anticancer, antiviral and anti-microbial properties [1]. The beta glucan is known as Lentinan (β-1,3:β-1,6-glucan). It has been studied extensively for immune modulating/stimulating effects and anticancer effects [2,3].

Lentinan and triple helix structure

Lentinan and Shiitake mycelium concentrate are high molecular beta glucan products produced from the Shiitake mushroom [4]. In its native state the beta glucan molecule has a triple helix structure and breaking the structure to single helix will impair the efficacy of the beta glucan molecule. The production method commonly used to produce Lentinan damages the triple helix structure of the beta glucan molecule whilst the production method used for Shiitake mycelium concentrate leaves the beta glucan in its triple helix structure. This new production method and the composition of the mycelium concentrate product are patented. Read more »

You know about Garlic, but do you know about Allicin?

The Englishman’s Doctor (Harrington, 1609)

“Garlic then have power to save from death. Bear with it though it maketh unsavory breath. And scorn not garlic like some that think It maketh men wink and drink and stink” 

Garlic History

Garlic has been used therapeutically and as a culinary herb for centuries and many practitioners will have recommended it in one form or another and in some cases, had varying results. Often called one of the world’s greatest herbs, in ancient societies it was even believed to have a god like status.

Thankfully, science is now showing us that this valuable herb has an important role to play as a therapeutic agent and that it is not just history and hearsay. And a lot of science is based around one active principle, Allicin. A substance that is not even present in fresh garlic.

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Beta Glucans for immune support and the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol


Is Beta Glucan part of your dietary intake? If the answer is yes then which one – Beta 1-3, 1-4 Glucan or Beta 1-3, 1-6 Glucan? Confused already – you may well be, and not have heard the word Beta Glucan before or the various potential health benefits of the nutrient.

You could, for example, be happily eating your porridge each day unaware of the cholesterol lowering properties of this dish which are thanks to its Beta Glucan content.

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Nutritional approaches for immune health

Confined spaces with people sneezing and coughing, damp and cold, lack of sunlight, combine that with stress of some kind, poor sleep, an underlying health problem or some kind of infection or inflammation and our body’s defence mechanisms are taxed to the max. We may also be taking antibiotics which will weaken us further through their indiscriminate effects on our good bugs whose critical role underpins our resistance to disease.

Our immune system is capable of mounting an instant response through innate immunity or can mobilise slower responses with adaptive immunity. Inflammation as part of the normal process should rise and fall. However a variety of factors can contribute to ongoing inflammation, weakened immunity and autoimmune responses.  Making sure we have a healthy bacterial population but also eating nutrient dense foods may be lacking in many individuals. Certainly when there are crucial missing elements of diet such as fermented foods, oily fish and green vegetables combined with the more usual processed diet will further weaken immunity.

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