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Kate Cook

Kate Cook - BA Hons, Dip ION, MBANT
Founder of The Nutrition Network

Kate Cook founded The Nutrition Network to support Nutritional Therapists and help them start, run and grow a successful business by providing an opportunity for them to network with peers and learn from the very best names in the industry.

Kate is London’s most renowned and sought after nutritional expert and inspirational public speaker. Since graduating from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 1997 she has worked with an extensive range of corporate organisations and major UK brands including the Bank of England, JP Morgan and Selfridges.

Having presented key-note speeches at conferences, running engaging workshops and employee wellness programmes to helping high street outlets launch healthy eating campaigns, Kate knows how organisations can gain that extra competitive edge.

Kate is also founder and director of top London based nutrition clinic The Nutrition based in Harley Street and has personally worked with over 6,500 patients face-to-face.

Her passion is making nutritional change very easy and accessible – absolutely no fads! Changes should be on going and permanent to ensure lasting change and to transform both health and energy. Kate’s personal style is said to be inspirational with a huge helping of understanding, compassion and humour!

Kate is also passionate that good nutrition leads to a great life. Once your energy and health are sorted, reinvent yourself and live an exciting and fulfilled life to the full!

Kate has appeared extensively in the media most recently on UKTV’s “The Truth About Beauty” (with Martine McCutcheon).

Kate has published a number of books – “Get Healthy for Good” (Whole Health) was published in 2004, “Drop a Dress Size” in 2005 and “An Unfit Mother” (Harper Collins) was published in April 2008.

For those who want to open the door to expert knowledge, discover short cuts to success and avoid having to learn the hard way, the Nutrition Network brings together the best business knowledge, including finance, social media, marketing, advertising and PR, as well as the best clinical knowledge across a wide range of nutritional education.

It provides everything in one easy to access location online, so Nutritional Therapists can find everything they need whether they are at their practice or in the comfort of their own home.

The Nutrition Network is the online community founded by Nutritional Therapists for Nutritional Therapists.