Digestion, wind and bloating

We all have billions of live native bacteria that inhabit our small and large intestine and they help us to digest food, absorb nutrients, keep pathogenic bacteria at bay and support the immune system. These bacteria comprise many different strains all competing for space and when imbalances occur certain ‘bad’ bacterial strains may ‘colonise’ and […] Read more »

Chios Mastiha (Mastic Gum)

Chios Mastiha (Mastic Gum) genus Pistachia from the Anacardiaceae family consists of eleven species of trees found in some Mediterranean countries and in Southern and Central America. Chios Mastiha (Mastic Gum) is the aromatic plant resin of the lentisc tree (Pistacia lentiscus var.chia). The ivory coloured resin is also known as the ‘Tears of Chios’, […] Read more »

Garlic and Digestive Health

What is tucked away in the seeds, rinds, leaves, oils and roots of plants is awesome and I never underestimate the power or synergy our food has to not only alleviate symptoms but keep us free from disease. Isn’t that obvious? It is the core of nutrition. Antibiotic resistance and the mutation of microbes is […] Read more »