The Adrenals & The Thyroid – Which to Treat First?

This article was originally published in the autumn edition of ‘Only Natural’, the Newsletter of The Natural Dispensary, and is republished with permission This is a common question faced by practitioners in daily practice. “Identify the most important imbalance in the patient and focus on that”. “Always support the patient’s adrenal function, because the adrenals […] Read more »

Create a 90 Day Marketing Plan

It’s that time of year where we begin to evaluate how well we did and start to develop new plans for next year. I’d like to suggest that you try something different, rather than creating a one-year marketing plan or a five-year marketing plan, why not try creating a 90-day plan? While it’s important to […] Read more »

Homeopathy for Nutritionists – 2nd instalment

Heard about homeopathy, but don’t really understand it? This short article will provide further introduction to the incredible 200-year-old therapy called homeopathy. It should hopefully dispel some myths and inspire you to try some remedies yourself and to know when it may be appropriate to refer your clients to a homeopath. In a paragraph, homeopathy […] Read more »

Four Tips for Great Leadership

Either Lead or Follow—But Get Out of the Way! When our role calls for the former, here are 4 important things to keep in mind: 1. Great leaders communicate. Realising that good communication is a 2-way street, we must be responsible for our part. That being said, true communication is the response that you get. Whatever […] Read more »