Homeopathy for Nutritionists

Cassie Everett and Alan Freestone believe that homeopathy has a lot to offer nutritional therapists. Last Thursday they presented a webinar on the Network where they shared their expertise on how to integrate homeopathy seamlessly into your practice. For those members who missed the talk, the recording is available to download from the Talks Page […] Read more »

How to Sell a Service

Is it different from selling a product? YES! How important is it that your services are easy to sell? Wouldn’t it be even better if they were easy to buy? Why is selling a service so different from selling a product? In some ways, the principles should be the same. The objective is to get […] Read more »

The Power of Focus

Living in such a busy world it is ever increasingly difficult to stay focused on the task in hand. Being able to focus and concentrate on a single task has many benefits. It often ensures a better job, it can often be completed quicker, it will help to prevent errors or mistakes and other things aren’t […] Read more »

Why diets are bad for our health

Here at the Nutrition Coach we don’t do diets, for the simple reason that for the vast amount of the population they just don’t work & could actually be detrimental to your health. We all know the drill – you discover the new fad that everyone is raving about, you buy the book or swot […] Read more »